Belgian Fashion Awards x UPR prize

Rosie Antwerp wint Belgian Fashion Awards x UPR prize

And the winner is…


Rosie Antwerp wins Belgian Fashion Awards x UPR prize

From the nominees for the Belgian Fashion Awards, PR and communications agency UPR Agency selects one brand each time that can call on their professional advice and strategic insight for a season. In 2022, the quirky Rosie Antwerp, founded in 2021 by sisters Marie and Ellen Martens, falls in the prizes.


As the name suggests, this story starts in the Belgian fashion city of Antwerp, which is also the hometown of the inspiring designer duo. Marie graduated with a master’s degree from the renowned Antwerp Fashion Academy in 2020 and Ellen completed her education that same year with a degree in Marketing and a specialization in PR. Rosie Antwerp is named after their younger sister Rose, also one of the designers’ main inspirations. From their creative background, strong family bond, shared passion and personal approach flow unique garments with recognizable prints and designs at a fair price. The amazing women in their own entourage act as their main inspirations. Marie and Ellen are genuinely happy when women feel confident and beautiful. It is just that emotion that should be experienced every day. That is why Rosie Antwerp is the translation of a fresh, original vision of their idea of how women want to feel when they get dressed in the morning.


Aline Mourant, Head of Fashion & Beauty, UPR Agency: “I was pleasantly surprised by the strong collections of this young label. That’s why I selected them as the winner. The secret behind their start-up success story, in my opinion, is their close family relationship and the strength and synergy they draw from it and express in their designs. I am a fan of their strong energy and female empowerment. That is precisely why I would like to share my experience, knowledge and expertise with them to give them another boost.”


Belgian Fashion Awards x UPR prize

The Belgian Fashion Awards want to reward talent and creativity within the Belgian fashion industry. As Belgians, we can be proud of our local talents and we should give them this recognition. PR and communication is important for the visibility and growth of a brand and therefore certainly indispensable for young, emerging labels. Unfortunately, for them it is too often a world still unknown or financially unfeasible. This is why UPR Agency decided to join forces with Belgian Fashion Awards to help support the creative sector. The winning label can count on PR and communication support for one season, worth 10,000 euros.


Belgian Fashion Awards

The annual Belgian Fashion Awards have been organized since 2017 by Flanders DC, MAD Brussels, WBDM, Knack Weekend and Le Vif Weekend. The award celebrates the independence, reputation and sustainability of Belgian fashion. In the fashion world, Belgians are known as surreal, modest, hard-working, avant-garde and no-nonsense. Belgian fashion lets the work speak for itself. The Belgian Fashion Awards want to showcase that fame, creativity and diversity – both nationally and internationally. Lesser-known names and the talent behind the scenes are not forgotten either.

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