Illy ‘a personal blend by Viki Geunes’

Coffee Blend

Take the opportunity to leverage your brand uniqueness during a world-class event through a brand-advocacy format.

The challenge

This was the first time the W50BEST elections had taken place in the city of Antwerp, Belgium. There was an opportunity for a premium brand like illy to highlight its brand positioning to key opinion leaders and national and international media. As part of their collaboration with the University of Coffee, they came up with a PERSONAL BLEND that is in complete harmony with the chef’s high standards and preferences. To effectively positioning the Illy brand during the launch of Viki Geunes’ personal coffee blend at the W50BEST elections in Antwerp, UPR had to ensure that Illy’s brand positioning was emphasized to key opinion leaders and media, and that the brand’s credibility was strengthened.

Services & Approach

In his totally renovated restaurant on top of a landmark with a spectacular view over Antwerp, UPR hosted an event where the unique collaboration between Viki Geunes and Illy was presented to a selected audience of coffee enthusiastics. Chef Viki and Illy welcomed this group to taste the Personal Blend with a number of exceptionally well-matched side plates. Viki Geunes, illy’s ambassador chef since 2010, was in the perfect position to explain the uniqueness of his partnership as a 3-star chef with a premium and sustainable coffee brand, illy, through the use of a proven brand advocacy format.

  • Creative concept and roll-out
  • Media strategy and roll-out
  • Partner collaborations (W50BEST elections)
  • Media and influencer relations


The achieved result included publication of 11 articles, which of 2 cover stories as a result of the event. The project generated significant media attention for Illy and strengthened the brand message.