Zalando 10th anniversary

Zalando celebrates 10 years of being Belgian

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‘By now, we have been a loyal customer of UPR for 4 years who knows how to surprise us again and again’

The challenge

Celebrating Zalando’s 10th anniversary in Belgium, to further establish Zalando as the starting point for fashion and to stimulate local relevance and engagement with the target audience.


‘By now, we have been a loyal customer of UPR for 4 years who knows how to surprise us again and again’

Services & Approach

UPR set up a collaboration with 2 groups of local talents. As a first layer, UPR decided to work with 2 macro profiles. With these talents, a photo and video shoot was organized by the external production house, Initials LA. The created content was used online, on socials, out of home, and on billboards throughout Belgium. UPR took care of the profile selection as negotiated, and coordinated the production. As a second layer, UPR decided to work with a group of local talents that got briefed on the campaign and created content that was shared on their socials. They put their creative spin on the campaign. As a third layer, UPR decided to work with nano- and micro talents who also created content that was shared on their socials. This all resulted in an inmense campaign impact on different levels. On Instagram, we focused on what “being Belgian” meant to our talents and how they show it in their appearance. This could be wearing certain clothes, and certain make-up but also eating certain foods or doing certain activities. UPR didn’t want pretty outfit posts but we wanted to tell a story and have some deeper meaning. 

  • Influencer Marketing strategy
  • Influencer Marketing campaign


With the 6 main campaign talents, we reached over 63.000 people, good for 406.700 impressions. Overall our earned media value was €77.200 and the Zalando content received 9.100 engagements. All of this happened with 13 content pieces. The other 13 Zalando talents created 24 pieces of content for the campaign, which resulted in a reach of 348.000 and 1.900.000 impressions. These talents generated an earned media value of €149.700 with 32.200 engagements, with the content spreading far beyond just their following.


  • Make Zalando the starting point for fashion.  
  • Solidify Zalando’s role as Belgium’s most relevant and locally-loved brand for Fashion & Beauty
  • Drive emotional bond against competitors
  • Drive brand recognition and campaign awareness
  • Drive local relevance & engagement
  • Let Belgium consumers relate, trigger, and talk about Zalando
  • Make followers/consumers engage
  • Amplify local relevance