Lynk & Co members increase by 200% in 2022



2022 marked a breakthrough for mobility company Lynk & Co. While 2021 was mainly about introducing the innovative mobility solution, in 2022 Lynk & Co caught the public’s attention and the Lynk & Co community took further shape.
Lynk & Co saw a huge increase in members in 2022. The number of members grew by 200%. From 60,000 members in 2021 to more than 170,000 members in 2022 in seven markets: Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Belgium.

Challenging the automotive industry with radical simplicity
Lynk & Co is not your average car company. For instance, it offers a monthly subscription for the use of the hybrid Lynk & Co 01. Maintenance, insurance and taxes are all included in the fixed price. It gets better: the 01 can even be shared with other users, reducing monthly costs and giving more people access to flexible mobility. Since day one, Lynk & Co’s goal has been to make better use of fewer cars – not to sell more cars. 2022 marked the year when car sharing was launched and tested in its seven European markets.

“The developments in 2022 showed that Lynk & Co is a gamechanger that the market can no longer ignore. With our all-encompassing car subscription, we hope to bring radical simplicity, sustainability solutions and flexibility to the car industry. We are taking steps in the right direction and we are grateful that thousands of members are already choosing Lynk & Co.”Alain Visser, CEO of Lynk & Co.

Taking sustainable steps from start-up to scale-up
The number of members is not the only thing that grew in 2022. Lynk & Co’s workforce also more than doubled, with 340 employees from around the world joining the team. With this, the company now has almost 800 employees. Moreover, women make up 45% of Lynk & Co’s workforce. Compared to the industry average, this ratio is much more balanced . Lynk & Co is committed to a more just, progressive and sustainable society. For instance, the company is switching to renewable electricity in its supply chain. Its seven offices and Clubs already run on 100% renewable electricity.

Lynk & Co is reducing its carbon footprint throughout the life cycle of its cars, increasing the share of sustainable materials and making car sharing the new normal. Lynk & Co goes beyond product development and electrification. The goal is to enable shared, sustainable mobility by changing traditional business models and habits.

Focus on brand experience in European cities
Instead of traditional car dealers or showrooms, Lynk & Co has so-called Clubs. The 10 established Clubs in Europe are welcoming spaces open to the public. Not only can you find out all about the 01 and take it for a cool test drive, it is also possible to flex work in the Club’s unique meeting rooms, have a cup of coffee, regularly attend free inspirational events or buy items from sustainable brands. This year, Club staff welcomed more than 10,240 people to test drive the 01 and organised dozens of activities and events.

In addition to existing Clubs in Amsterdam, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Antwerp, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin, three new Clubs in Rome, Barcelona and Milan were added to the portfolio in 2022. In 2023, new Clubs will be opened in France, Spain and Germany.

In Belgium, the Lynk & Co community has 12,574 members, accounting for a European total of 176,815 members. Moreover, our vibrant club in Antwerp will again organise some fun events open to all in the coming year.

Lynk & Co Company

Lynk & Co was founded to provide mobility solutions for the connected generation. We make very, very good cars (the kind that have all the features you want without you having to ask for them), but we also offer a new way to use these cars. Our membership-based approach, makes it easy to be on the road. Members have access to a car on a flexible and monthly basis and can share it with friends, family and the Lynk & Co community.



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