The maturity of Influencer Marketing

The maturity of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing in 2020: welcome to the big league

Influencer marketing in 2020: welcome to the big league

Influencer marketing has grown tirelessly in 2019. From bleak adolescent to stubborn young adult.

What were we dealing with in early 2019? The fake follower crisis had just erupted, Unilever pulled the plug on influencer marketing, and advertisers were just beginning to see that the number of followers and the number of unique views did not match. In my late 2018 article, I called influencer marketing an adolescent. Not mature yet, but with a beard in his throat. In the past year, this teenager has grown considerably into a young adult who makes his entry into the big boy / girl league. This brings with it the necessary changes.

That starts with one of the most important things in the eyes of the marketer, the price. Influencer marketing has become significantly more expensive in the past year and the best influencers are no longer in the front row. We already knew this for macro influencers, large YouTubers and #instafamous influencers. In the past year, the prices of micro (5k-50k followers) and meso influencers (50K-100K followers) have also risen sharply.

Another development that we saw in the past year concerns the way of working together. Where many advertisers were still experimenting with influencers, the scale and frequency has increased significantly over the past year. Many companies opt for the ‘always on approach’, where there is no campaign-based collaboration with influencers, but they are always available online.

Already working with influencers? Then I have good news for you, because you can easily quadruple your results if you also use the content of influencers for alternative purposes. This has been done more and more in the past year, but I expect it to really erupt in 2020.

How do we use Influencer marketing sustainably?


  • Use influencer content for your website or product pages
  • Use influencers’ posts in your email marketing

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